Meet Our Students.

Thousands of women have sent us their stories about how the Bar Method sculpted and slimmed their bodies, re-invigorated and healed their spirits, and changed their lives.
“People seem to think I am crazy, but I swear that I started to feel my muscles lean and tone right from day one!"
~ Lindzi
“The changes I have seen in my body have been nothing short of amazing.”
~ Sarah
“The thick, muscular, “jacked” body that I had before is long gone because The Bar Method transformed it into a strong, long and lean body instead.”
~ Melanie
“Bar Method has truly changed the way I view exercise, the relationship I have with my body, and the way I feel.”
~ Quyen
“The self-confidence that I’ve gained from Bar Method has spilled over into my daily life in all kinds of unexpected ways.”
~ Lindsey
“I now fit into pants that are 3-4 sizes smaller and I am not so petrified by the thought of putting on a swim suit.”
~ Marianne

Many men have sent us their stories about how the Bar Method has transformed, sculpted, and toned their muscles while defining and healing their bodies ultimately giving them more stamina for their active lives.

"After 100 classes, my belief in The Bar Method has been affirmed again and again. Why? The Bar Method has sculpted my body unlike any other activity, especially my arms and core."
~ Mark
“I’ve strengthened my core, gotten more limber…I don’t have back pain anymore. In general I have no more low back issues.”
~ Ben
“The Bar Method workout has done more to transform my body than anything else….And there are so many amazing looking women in class that you are motivated to work even harder and not give up!”
~ Art
“We love the supportive, no-nonsense environment and the constant focus on correct form – which makes us always try to be better in search of that trainer praise...”
~ Riggs
“What keeps me coming back is that every class is challenging—you can always go deeper in thigh, perfect your form in standing seat, or come into prayer in pretzel."
~ Travis
“Now almost a year later, I feel like a new person. I am stronger, more toned, but also more aware of myself, my posture, the way I carry myself in my regular life.”
~ Christopher

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The athletes who discover the Bar Method find that it boosts their performance above and beyond what they get from their regular training. The Bar Method especially gives athletes a defining edge in competitive sports.
“My legs have become more much explosive in my kicks and foot work.”
~ Brian, Krav Maga Blue Belt
“It is the perfect compliment to running. It is a fantastic strength and flexibility work out, with focus on building endurance in key major muscle groups central to running."
~ Jac, marathon runner
“I fell head over heels for the combination of small movements and multiple repetitions, which are ideal for building long, lean muscles.”
~ Natalie, professional dancer
“The Bar Method and Krav Maga are a match made in Heaven. I can only recommend it to any martial artist who is serious about improving their fighting technique and form.”
~ Phillip, Krav Maga student
“My bar training improved my swimming in so many ways as well as my overall body positioning in and out of the water improved drastically.”
~ Ariana, Olympic swimmer
"I think the best part of Bar Method is its focus on strengthening my core and increasing my flexibility. These two elements of the class will increase my speed and prevent future injuries."
~ Kris, Detroit Lions
Women | Men | Athletes | Generations | Moms to Be
The Bar Method welcomes adult students of all ages. New brides, moms and grandmothers all enjoy great results, a high level of safety and customer service, and the fun of working out together.
“It is because of The Bar Method that I was able to stand up at the altar on my wedding day with a stunning body, beautiful posture, and all the poise and self-confidence in the world.”
~ Melanie
“The instructors’ accepting attitudes have provided a safe, yet challenging place for me to find my “best self” again”
~ Rachael
“The Disease I’m talking about is Osteoporosis… yes, for ANY structural degenerating condition (scoliosis, etc)… BAR METHOD totally ROCKS!”
~ Mary Kay
“This class has changed my life! I am 52 years old and am stronger and leaner than I have been in at least 20 years.”
~ Stacie
“I was intimidated at first, thinking that The Bar Method might be too difficult for a person of my vintage. Now in my mid-sixties, I’m very pleased with my results.”
~ Mary Ann
“Six years after my last bone scan that diagnosed the osteopenia, I got word that I have not lost any more bone, PLUS, I have grown an entire 1.5”!!”
~ Cherry
"The best part is that The Bar Method is KIND on your joints; you are able to achieve amazing results with NO pounding to your body. My 61-year-old mother is also addicted to the Bar."
~ Kristi
“The Bar Method has made me embrace my age.”
~ Amy
“I feel like I’m 20 years younger in terms of energy and strength and flexibility!”
~ Kris
Women | Men | Athletes | Generations | Moms to Be

The Bar Method pre-natal class is designed especially to enable pregnant students stay fit, healthy and toned, to prepare for delivery, and to get their pre-baby body back fast. See “Your Questions” for instructions on taking the Bar Method when you’re expecting.

“I feel so fortunate to have found such a great form of exercise that I can continue throughout my pregnancy. My body feels great and I know that I will continue to reap the amazing physical and mental benefits of class while being pregnant.”
~ Corina
“I’m leaner in my “post pregnancy trouble zones” like the hips and thighs. Even my mid-section is getting stronger after all of my C-sections. The best part is that I feel confident in my body, which I can pass along to my daughters.“
~ Maria
“Any new Mom knows that the beloved spare tire that child birth leaves you with is very very difficult to get rid of and here it was starting to disappear.”
~ Allison
“I was surprised at how much I could still do while pregnant because everything is actually low impact and designed to be kind to your joints.”
~ Cathy
“I have also gained more than just getting my abs back in shape, I feel stronger physically and mentally. I have gained self confidence.”
~ Shelly